Bangkok dinner and a roof top bar

There is nothing more satisfying than getting off of a metro train after being in the heat all day, being tired and realizing that you are just steps away from being able crawl into bed for a few short minutes.  Especially a bed in an air conditioned room.  When it was time, we got off the train at our metro stop and walked the three blocks to our hotel, took the elevators up to our rooms and crashed.  I think the sugar rush from everything we had consumed all day had finally hit us and we were crashing.  We needed to lay down, re-hydrate and change out of our excessively sweaty clothing.  Each of us relaxed in our rooms for about an hour and this consisted of showering, napping, doing some laundry and just staring blankly at the wall trying to process the day and process the sugar crash. Finally, it was time to regroup and go get dinner.  We were feeling a little lazy and our hotel had given us free drink tickets so we went downstairs to the restaurant and got ourselves some dinner.

I resorted to a nice bowl of noodles and my free drink which ended up being a green smoothie with mint. It was definitely delicious and incredibly refreshing even though when we first showed up, we thought that drinks meant something a little bit more adult but unfortunately not so much.  We ordered our food, sat and enjoyed some good conversation followed by dessert.  One of my friends had actually been keeping a thing of mango sticky rice in his room from the night before because one of our friends living in Bangkok had told him that this hawker stall had the best mango sticky rice in town. So the night before, they purchased some and had some left over to share with us at dinner that night which was amazing.  It came with multiple types of rice and fresh mangoes.  If you have never had mango sticky rice, go find some now. In fact, stop reading and go find some now.  It is one of my favorite dishes and I could eat it all day every day. It is one of those dishes that is the perfect blend of flavors with coconut milk, mangoes and rice.  I could have finished the entire portion to myself and I have to admit that I was sad that we had to share it.  But I am a good person and was not excessively selfish.

When we were finally full and done eating everything in front of us, we left the hotel and caught the train to the JW Marriott just a few stops down.  The JW Marriot has a rooftop bar called the Octave Bar which looks out over Bangkok.  We were going to meet up with all of our friends at the hotel and spend the evening catching up while overlooking the entire city. We arrived, found ourselves a table and sat down while taking in the view of the city.  Even though it was my third time in this city, this is the first time that I had a chance to see the city from this perspective and it is truly something to see. I’ve never really realized just how expansive the city is and how many people live there.  I always know that there’s going to be people everywhere and you can’t avoid that. There will always be traffic and you will always hit some form of congestion but standing at the roof top bar and looking out over Bangkok, it really put everything in perspective. I would highly recommend checking this bar out and plus the drinks are fairly decently priced.

As we sat at this table right by the entrance, we began to collect our friends and eventually our small group of 5 turned into a group of 14 people from all over the world. We had people from Seattle, Los Angeles, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Bangkok all meeting up at this bar. It was both eye opening and heart warming.  There’s something to be said about being able to meet up with people you adore halfway across the world and still be able to pick up right where you left off years ago.  The last time I had seen some of this group was 2 years ago in Thailand. I definitely had one of those moments where I became eternally grateful that I have met so many fantastic people in my life. When we had finally collected our entire group, we spent an hour or two more at the bar and then decided that since we had some Thailand newbies with us, it was time to go show them Bangkok nightlife. To be honest, this idea was instigated by the boys and for the boys but we decided to keep the entire group together. It was time for the second half of our nightlife adventure.


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