Chiang Rai to Bangkok

We were dropped off at the airport in Chiang Rai after our excursion at the White Temple and ended up showing up for our flight about 4 hours too early.  We considered trying to get on an earlier flight to Bangkok but unfortunately, since it was a smaller airport there weren’t any other flights out to Bangkok except for ours.  After the eventful first few days of our trip, it was actually really nice to sit and finally relax.  As someone who isn’t used to traveling with people, it was a nice moment to sit back and read for a bit and decompress after the hot day and traveling.

We boarded our hour and a half flight out to Bangkok and arrived in the city. One of the great things about flying the airlines in Thailand is that along with their great prices for the internal Thailand flights, you still get fed.  We received a decent snack on our hour and a half flight to Bangkok even though it was later in the evening and the flight was short.  It is almost as if  as soon as the plane hits altitude, the crew is running through the cabin serving food and drinks and then immediately running back to the front to start picking up all the trash because you’re about to land.  I know that sometimes it’s a little hard to convince oneself to purchase airplane tickets with an airline you’ve never heard of before or have never experienced, but I have only had great experiences with all the Thai airlines and I would highly recommend them.  This includes Nok Air, Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways.

We ended up arriving around 1030PM and luckily, wifi is strong in the Bangkok airport and we were able to get access to an Uber.  So rather than having to barter with a taxi, we were able to grab an Uber which ended up being relatively cheaper than the taxi.  We took the car all the way into the city and were dropped off at our hotel.  We checked into our rooms and considered going out to get food.  We actually tried to go get food from the hotel given that we were all super tired but unfortunately we missed the restaurant by just a few minutes and were unable to go food.  So instead of venturing out, we wandered back up to the room to get some sleep before the next few days.

You see, we were actually in Thailand to go to a wedding of a couple that live in Bangkok.  And so rather than starting out the trip around the wedding, we decided to travel before the wedding, then end with the wedding before heading back to LA.  So we had a few days as a small group and arriving in Bangkok was the sign that it was all about to get crazy.  It was time to meet up with the other people who had traveled from all around the world to be there to celebrate the happy couple.  And because of this, we needed as much rest as humanly possible to prepare us for the remainder of the trip because you just never know what’s going to happen when large groups meet up in another country.


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