24 hours in Prague, Czech Republic

If you only have 24 hours in Prague, then here are a few things you should do:

  • Visit the Old Town Square, which is right in the heart of the city. It is a great little square that has a bunch of great little restaurants and outdoor seating for you to sit and enjoy people watching.
    • To get to this square, you can do some shopping and wandering along the streets that lead up to the square.  There’s great little trinkets and one of the streets has a chocolate factory that you can pay to go into but before the paying section, there’s a great area to watch them make the candies. And it’s a great little shop to purchase the other candies that they have. Maybe if you’re lucky, you can get some samples from them.
    • Check out the clock tower, every hour there is a little show.  You can also pay to go up to the top of the tower and look out over the entire city.
  • Find trdelnik which is a baked good.  it’s basically a spiral loaf of baked bread that is hollow on the inside.  The outside of the loaf is harder and covered in cinnamon sugar while the inside layer is gooey and can be left plain or covered in Nutella.  I recommend Nutella and sharing this with someone.  It can be quite sweet.
  • Visit the Lennon Wall. This is a great wall with a tribute to the Beatles and it is covered in graffiti.  I’m sure that every time you visit it, it will look different than the previous time.  It’s a beautiful wall full of great graffiti to check out.
  • Go to the Prague Castle.  You can take a tour of the castle but if you don’t have time, at least make sure to check out the gothic church that sits at the top of the hill with the castle.  There’s a great hike up there and if you’re feeling like you need a place to rest with a little coffee, check out the Starbucks up there. I know, weird suggestion but even if you don’t order anything, this Starbucks has a great view of the city.
  • Check out a market in one of the squares.  I would definitely check out Wenceslas Square if there’s a market.  If they have the hot dog vendors, I highly recommend getting a hot dog.  We got a sausage with red peppers in it placed in a baguette.  I’m pretty sure our entire group stopped speaking for a solid 5 minutes as we consumed our hot dogs.  There are also great little snacks like baked potato slices and crepes you can buy here.
  • Check out Charles Bridge.  This is a popular spot and full of beauty but can get very crowded so I would highly recommend showing up here early morning or later evening so you can get some pictures of the bridge without dealing with all the people.
  • Go to a rooftop bar.  They are all over the city and give a great little perspective of the city.  We did a rooftop bar for dinner at sunset and it was amazing.
  • Check out Cafe Savoy.  This place is amazing and has the most delicious French Toast.  Yes.  French Toast.  And the baked goods are so incredible.  In fact, I’m drooling think of them right now.
  • Go to Petrin Lookout Tower.  They like to call this the Prague Eiffel Tower because it looks slightly like the Eiffel Tower in a smaller scale. If you’re afraid of heights or you don’t like heights with a fairly exposed wall, then I don’t recommend this.  The stairs to the top are exposed to the elements and can be a littler terrifying.
  • Check out a bar at night.  There are a great bars all around the Old Town Square that have great little personalities.  Some of them are underground and usually packed.  You’ll see people wandering streets drinking pretty late at night and lots of bar crawls so you’ll be sure to find something that suits you.

Prague is a beautiful city that feels relatively untouched from the outside world.  It’s actually fascinating and very pristine.  I would highly recommend visiting but you really don’t need more than a few days there.


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