Chiang Mai – Wandering

We arrived back at the hotel, we decided it was time for some relaxing time by the pool.  While we were hanging out, one of our friends showed up at the hotel and it was a fantastic reunion.  It’s actually quite entertaining because I had no idea she had left Seattle, in fact I hadn’t seen her in a very long time, a few years probably.  And thanks to social media, I saw that she was in Chiang Mai and so we were able to meet up before she made her way to Colombia that night.  We decided that everyone needed food so we would go find some dinner.  Usually I would have been significantly more adventurous but we decided that noodles seemed like the best idea and the place we had discovered the day before was a great option.  So we went back to the same place and ordered dinner.  We all tried something new (even if someone else had ordered it the day before) and we sat and enjoyed good conversation. When we were done with dinner, we made our way back to the hotel and my friend made her way to the airport for her flight.

While we were hanging out, we waited for another one of our friends to meet up with us.  She had been traveling Asia and was in Chiang Mai for a few days before continuing her journey on throughout the rest of Asia. She ended up finding her way over to us and we enjoyed some delicious beverages by the pool and catching up.

I feel like people don’t always give social media enough credit.  Yes, social media can be ridiculous and yes it only portrays what people want to see but at the same time, it was because of social media that we were able to meet up with our friends.  It gave us the ability to connect with people in different countries completely unplanned and for that I will always appreciate the connectivity that it provides. Finally, it got to a point where everyone had hit their jet lag maximum and we all needed to go to bed so we said our goodbyes and went off to bed.  We had to have enough energy because we had only a day and a half left in Chiang Mai and it was going to be jam packed.


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