Fascinating things

Recently I watched and read a few things regarding society’s addiction to their smart phones and how just the presence of our phones can impact the relationships and connections that we make with people.  Check out the video here. I found this video on CNN and it’s only one video that led me down a rabbit hole to really try to understand this addiction and how it actually impacts the relationships that I have.

I have now decided that going forward, I want to make a conscience effort to keep my phone off the table so that I can actually focus on the people I am with. I know that I say this often but honestly, I do want to make sure I am paying full attention to the people I am with and the relationships that I have with them.

Along with that, I’ve noticed that the battery on my phone drains significantly faster than it used to when I was super busy at work.  I want to make sure I am focusing less on my phone and what is going on with the internet/social media because it does make me feel like I am actually addicted to my phone.  I am constantly checking it to see who has texted me, what notifications I have, what I’ve missed, etc.  I want to stop being so dependent on it because it is becoming out of control. Plus… my phone battery is draining like crazy.  I want to prolong the life of this battery cause I’m lazy and cheap and would rather spend all my money on travel rather than a new phone.

So that all being said, this is my public proclamation that I will be working on decreasing my phone usage and creating better habits to be more focused on the people in my life and around me. img_9765


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