Elephant Nature Park, Part 5

We walked up to the river and there were four buckets of watermelons sitting in the middle of the water. The mahouts led each elephant up to a bucket while we went to the other side of the river and unloaded our items onto a truck so that we wouldn’t drop them in the river.  Then we were given buckets and told to fill them with water and then throw the buckets of water at the elephants.  So we did just that.

While we filled up buckets of water and threw them at the elephants, they ignored us and just continued to eat watermelons.  If you ever wondered what pampering an elephant would be like, it would be this.  Being fed sweet fruit while having people throw water at you and cool you down.  As the elephant, you don’t even have to put any effort into getting the water onto your body because someone else is doing it for you. That’s the life and I would love that.  It’d be like someone fanning me while feeding me.  It’d be great and with minimal effort.

As we filled up our buckets of water and threw them, my friends and I alternated between two elephants and at one point, I looked over at one of the elephants.  Right as I looked at her, her mouth opened and a bunch of stuff fell out of her mouth.  At first I thought she was throwing up into the river and was about to be really disgusted but what fell out of her mouth seemed a bit too solid to be throw up. So I walked over and took a closer look.  This girl was eating the watermelon meat off the watermelon skins and spitting the skins back into the river because they weren’t as sweet.  All the other animals were eating everything they could get grab with their trunks, but this girl was just being super picky and did not want any part of the skins. It was probably one of the best things I have ever seen. She was just happily chomping along and would occasionally just drop a bunch of skins into the river without missing a beat.  It was probably one of the more adorable things I’ve seen from an elephant.

Finally, once the elephants were done bathing, they were led out of the river where they immediately covered themselves in sand. It almost makes you feel like you just wasted all of your time cooling them down but elephants love covering themselves in sand and mud to help with the cool down.  We walked them back to their shelters where they left us without so much as a good bye, and went on with their lives.  They had a nice little day in the sun full of snacks and pampering and for them, it was time to return to real life. We collected all of our items and then began our walk to the actual Elephant Nature Park.


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