Wandering Chiang Mai, Day 1

Once everyone finally got settled into their respective rooms, we decided we wanted to go out for some food and wandering.  No one was really starving because we were all suffering from jet lag at this point and hadn’t adjusted to the time zone yet. We  were given little maps when we first checked into the hotel that showed that there was a 7-11 near the hotel so we started walking in the direction that we thought was correct.  We were correct that we were walking to where we thought it was however, it was not as close as we originally thought.

We ended up passing a temple on the way and stopped to check out the temple, the buildings and the gardens around it.  It was definitely one of the smaller temples in Chiang Mai but it was a nice introduction to the city.

Once we found the 7-11, we grabbed some snacks that we could eat home and then went to buy some wine and beer to drink back at the hotel.  Little did we know that there are set hours that they are allowed to sell alcohol and we were early by about half an hour. So we purchased our snacks and decided to go find food to kill some time before we could make the beverage purchase and then head back to the hotel.  Just down the corner from the 7-11 was a noodle stand right on the corner and we decided that it seemed like a good place to stop and get snacks.  One thing that I didn’t expect was the presence of Chinese everywhere.  The menu for the little food stand that we found was all in Chinese and English, in fact none of it was in Thai.  We reviewed the menu, made our decisions and ordered our food.  I decided to get cold noodles because if they were anything like the Chinese cold noodles, they would be refreshing, light and delicious.  My friends settled for some soupy noodles that were definitely too warm for the excessively hot and humid day.

When the food arrived, we all went quiet and started eating the deliciousness that had been placed in front of us.  Lucky for me, the noodles were exactly what I thought they would be and they were delicious.  All freshly made, refreshing and full of flavor without a lot of complications tied to it.   In fact, all of us had great meals and no one really had anything to complain about when it came to what we ordered. Halfway through the meal, we found the chili sauce and so I decided to add some to my meal and may have gotten a little over zealous.  And by “may”, I mean I did.

If you’ve ever had true Thai spices then you’ll know that it is a whole different ball game than your typical Tabasco sauce or Sriracha.  This chili paste had a subtle burning feeling that just never stopped. The only way to keep it on the subdued side was to not really breathe and to never stop eating.  The instant I would stop to take a breathe or even to say something, the burning sensation would take over and it got to a point where I was sweating, my nose was running, my lips were on fire and I couldn’t feel my tongue but it was too good to stop eating and I refused to be defeated. I finally finished the meal and then downed all of the water that I had purchased from 7-11, immediately feeling like I could have used another three bottles to help with the burning. When I could finally make coherent sentences again and felt capable of existing again, we started the walk back to the hotel.










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