Rim Resort Hotel, Chiang Mai

We found the Rim Resort Hotel through Expedia and booked it for a fairly decent price.  The hotel itself is adorable and the staff is great.  There is an on-site restaurant called “The Canal” and the front of the hotel looks out into the canal that runs along the edge of the Old City separating it from the rest of Chiang Mai.  I’m assuming that this used to be a moat of some sort.  As you walk along the outer perimeter of the Old City, you’ll find old pieces of the wall that used to black the rest of the world from entering this 1 km by 1 km square section of Chiang Mai.

Once it was time to go to our rooms, we walked out the back of the lobby and into the middle of the hotel which opened up to a pool that the rest of the hotel looked out onto.  By the pool was a bar and towels plus lounge chairs for people to relax at.  We were led to our separate buildings towards our rooms where we could get settled.  The rooms are great and full of character.  The beds were a bit on the hard side but it’s what I’ve come to expect at hotels in Asia.  Warning, do not run and jump on the bed hoping it will engulf you in a bed of fluffiness because you’ll be in for a rude awakening.

Each room has free water and some snacks along with a mini bar that you have to pay for.  There’s also a balcony in most rooms that have chairs for you to sit and relax at.  Ours looked out into trees so there wasn’t much to see but the other room that our friends stayed in looked out directly to the pool so we could sit and hang out there. Along with that, the bathroom had all the amenities you would expect out of the a nicer hotel full with robes, toiletries among the standard amenities that you would expect like shampoo and conditioner.

After we settled into our rooms, we waited for the last person in our group to join us and get settled. We had officially arrived in Chiang Mai and we were ready to go out and explore what the city had to offer.


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