Arriving in Chiang Mai, Thailand

When it was time to finally head off to Chiang Mai, we boarded our relatively empty plane and got ready to fly up to north Thailand.  This would be my first time heading this far north in this country and I was so excited.  The flight was only about an hour and a half but I was so tired after all that travel and sitting that I knew I was going to pass out on this flight. One of the things that I really like about the international airlines is that they still feed you, even if the flight is super short. As soon as the flight hit close to peak altitude, the attendants came down the aisle with water and mushroom/cream burrito wrap that was strange but still fairly edible.  Since I hadn’t purchased food in the airport, this was a great little treat that I had forgotten about. We finally landed in Chiang Mai at 245PM.

I know that 245PM seems excessively specific but I remember this because it was exactly 24 hours from when we had left Los Angeles. We had officially been traveling for 24 hours and finally arrived at our destination.

One of the things that I had done while I was in the Bangkok airport was check out the options to get from the airport to our hotel in the Old City via Google Maps.  If you didn’t know this already, Google Maps actually gives you some pretty decent price estimates for utilizing public transportation, taxis and Uber. So I knew that if we decided to take an Uber to the hotel, then it would cost about 150Baht which would be our bench mark for any ride that we would have. So we walked out and luckily there were taxi cabs everywhere and we didn’t need to negotiate on the price that we would need to pay to get to our hotel.  The flat rate from the airport to our hotel was exactly 150Baht and we were able to take the taxi a lot faster than having to wait for an Uber to show up.

We were staying at the Rim Resort just on the outside edge of the Old City in Chiang Mai.  Our taxi drove up to the entrance, we unloaded and checked into the hotel.  We were given some delicious palate cleanser beverages when we arrived that seemed to be a mix of honey and some sort of fruit tea with mint leaves inside.  If you ever get a chance to stay here, I would highly recommend it.  After checking in, the hotel staff took us up to our rooms and let us into our accommodations where we could relax for just a little bit of time before the last of our group showed up.






















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