Flying to Thailand in China Airlines, Premium Economy

One of the things about the premium economy class on China Airlines is that the configuration is 2-4-2 which meant that I only had one person I needed to crawl over to get to the bathroom during the 14 hour flight. Along with that, the leg room was significantly more and it even came with foot rests.  Lastly, the seats actually reclined a fairly decent amount which was great.  Doing the late night from from LA to Asia was awesome because we got to sleep on the flight over there and arrive in the morning. We started our journey and I got myself prepared for the flight.

In the backseat pocket, China Airlines had placed little vanity/flight kits for each of the passengers.  Inside were ear plugs, socks, lip balm, hand lotion, a comb, toothbrush/toothpaste combo and some stickers. I always love the vanity kits that you get when you’re flying because it saves you the trouble of having to go digging through your own bag to get access to your personal items to make the flight a bit more comfortable.  Plus, it gives people the option to wear the socks instead of walking around the flight completely barefoot which I thoroughly appreciate. Also, all that stuff is travel size/one time use which means that if you’re anything like me and will hoard items for next time – this is great to add to your collection of travel amenities.

As the flight took off, we were fed decent food and then the lights dimmed for the rest of the flight.  I knew that I was tired so I put on a movie that I had already seen and started sleeping.  Overall, the flight wasn’t anything too eventful.  I watched a few movies and fell asleep through a large portion of them. So that really helped passed the time since I had to keep restarting the movies since I kept falling asleep. Finally, after 14.5 hours of hanging out on the airplane, we landed in Taipei and unfortunately had to run to our next gate since our flight had taken slightly longer than expected so we were delayed. Lucky for us, we were transferring to another gate within the same terminal so we were able to get to the gate relatively quickly.  Since we were coming off an international flight to go onto another international flight, we had to go through security but luckily we didn’t have to wait too long since had landed in Taipei around 6AM. We arrived at our next gate just as they started the boarding process and we got ready to take the business class leg of our flight out to Bangkok.

We were lucky enough to fly business class to Bangkok which gave us plenty of room to stretch out for the last four leg of our flight into Thailand.  By the time we got to Thailand, we were given premium passes to get through the customs line and we got through only to turn back around and head into the domestic terminal so that we could board our flight up to Chiang Mai. After going through security for the third time in less than 24 hours, we arrived at our gate and finally had a bit of time to relax and catch back up on everything we had missed over the last 19 hours of travel.


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