Leaving for Thailand, round 3

I’ve been to Thailand a few times and actually the first time I went to Thailand was in 2012 to visit the friend that would get married in 2017. The first time I flew to Thailand, I flew economy from Seattle to Seoul to Bangkok and then Bangkok to Beijing to San Francisco to Seattle.  The second time I went, I made a short stop in Vietnam for a few days before heading off to Thailand.  This time, we would be flying Los Angeles to Taipei to Bangkok and then back the same way. One thing that I noticed, when flying out of Seattle, getting to Asia is significantly shorter than flying from LA to Asia.  When I would fly Seattle to Taipei it would be about 12 hours and then just under 10 on the way home if the winds were in your favor.  Going from LA to Taipei this time around was 14.5 hours to get there because we were flying against the winds which made everything longer.

When we had decided to book the flight to Thailand, we found very cheap flights from Los Angeles to Bangkok on China Airlines and so we decided to check out how much it would be if we bumped up to premium economy.  It was actually decently priced for the flight and so we decided that we would dish out the extra money for premium economy from LA to Taipei and then business class from Taipei to Bangkok.  Paying for these slightly upgraded seats only ended up being about $1100 per person which is still cheaper than any flight I have booked to Asia so it made sense.

Our flight left LAX on Saturday at 11:45PM so I still had all day Saturday to figure out what I wanted to pack and how to pack for this trip.  It’s a little bit different having to figure out clothes for an outdoor excursion, the beach and wedding wear all in one. Since I tried packing the night before, I ended up packing and repacking a few times trying to minimize the amount that I would be lugging from city to city. Along with that, I had to carry a wedding present with me to Thailand because the bride ordered something and knew it had a better chance of arriving with me than coming being shipped to Thailand from the distributor. The wedding present came a box that ended up taking up about a fourth of my entire backpack so that made packing for this trip significantly more challenging than I thought it should have been.  I finally gave up on figuring out what I wanted to pack and cleaned my apartment then headed out to my friends house where we would hang for a bit before finally setting off on our journey to Asia.

We got to the airport about two hours before our flight, it was actually surprisingly easy to get through the airport and through airport security.  We went to a small restaurant, sat down and enjoyed some small snacks and wine before our long flight.  Once it was time to get to our gate, we boarded the plane and settled into our seats to get ready for our long flight.













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