Packing for Thailand

Packing for a trip is never an easy task.  You have to plan for the weather and plan for what you know you will be doing.  This specific trip would include a full day outdoor excursion with elephants, potentially some hikes, lots of visits to temples, and a wedding all while hanging out in 90 degree heat with about 80% humidity. The one really good thing about this was that I wouldn’t need to bring a bunch of heavy clothes which meant that I could pack more into my bag.  The bad thing was that I had to pack significantly more to ensure that I could accommodate all of the various activities we would be doing.  Here’s what I packed for my week long trip to Thailand:

  • Necessities like underwear and bras
  • Nike Frees that I ended up wearing on the plane because they took up too much room in my bag
  • A pair of nicer sandals that could work for beach wedding activities
  • Tieks cause they’re foldable ballet flats that would be used for city walking and the first portion of the wedding adventures
  • A pair of Tevas that I borrowed from a friend that I could wear for the water activities the day we hung out with elephants
  • A maxi dress to wear for those temple visits
  • A scarf to use to cover my shoulders or wrap around my legs during the temple visits
  • Shorts
  • T-shirts (I actually have a few chiffon type material shirts from Nordstrom that are wrinkle free and roll up smaller than a regular cotton t-shirt, plus they actually dry a lot faster than regular cotton material so they’re perfect for traveling)
  • Pjs
  • Hygiene products
  • Travel towel for the elephant excursion
  • A wedding present
  • Two dresses for the wedding activities (the reception lunch and the beach wedding)
  • Anti-theft drawstring bag to bring for the elephant excursion and for wandering around the cities
  • Bug repellent. I brought two for this trip. REI has a stick one that sprays and stays relatively compact.  It’s great for traveling and had enough to last me two trips.  I also purchased bug repellent wipes in a resealable package which I ended up not needing.
  • Sunscreen
  • A foldable hat.  If you’re looking for a foldable hat, Oiselle has a great runner’s one
  • Sunglasses
  • Snacks
  • Selfie stick cause… ELEPHANTS

Lucky for me, everything fit in my trust mint green backpack. I was officially ready for my trip out to Thailand.


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