Planning for a group trip

It’s not often you get to make a trip with a bunch of your friends, and it’s not often that the purpose of the trip is to go to a destination wedding. I can officially say that I have been to two weddings in Asia for friends because one if not both of the people getting married live in Asia. The first time, a group of 17 of us figured out how to coordinate all of our travel and end up in Thailand at the same time then travel to Taiwan together.  We all had separate trips that eventually ended up in the same place that allowed for us to end up on the same flight out to Taiwan.  It was actually very impressive how coordinated we were. Especially considering we were all coming from different countries and parts of the world. This latest time, our friend was getting married in Thailand where she and now husband live.  So a bunch of us planned out trips with the end goal that we would meet up in Bangkok to celebrate together.  So, we started planning our trip.

I was going to travel with the Los Angeles crew out of LA to Thailand and spend the entire week there.  Many of our other friends would be hitting up other countries and find their way in Bangkok but I had a very specific goal in mind.  I wanted to go to the Elephant Nature Park and see the White Temple.  I’ve been two Thailand two other times and have never gone north of Bangkok so this was my chance.  As per usual, I was ready to plan this trip all for myself and figure out how to travel alone to these places but lucky for me, my friends wanted to join and they were totally down to participate in what I wanted to do. So we started planning.

I know that I have previously mentioned that I plan my trips just a few weeks in advance and that I’m usually pretty terrible at planning.  This time around, we planned our trip well in advance.  Actually a few months ahead of schedule to ensure that we would be well prepared for the entire excursion.

Planning a trip with a group is always very interesting. F or me, it’s a bit hard since I’m bad at details and I’ve been a bit scatter brained, plus I book everything so late.  So lucky for me, my friend is significantly more organized than I am and really took charge to make sure I was actually aware of what was going on for this trip.  We started off booking our flights first to save money since that’s usually the most expensive of the things you need to pay for when you travel. Then a few weeks later we booked our elephant excursions. Since we wanted to book an all day event, we needed to make sure we were booking well in advance so that we could get to do the activities that we wanted to do.  Following that, we did our hotels and flights in between the cities.  After that, we had everything we needed figured out for the trip.

I have to admit that if my friends were not going with me on that trip, I would have scrambled.  My friend kept a very organized document that had all of our itineraries figured out which she then sent to us via text message so we could have it throughout our trip.  This proved to be very helpful as we were going through customs or working with cabs. Planning for more people than just yourself is always very difficult and I’m glad that for this one, the process of planning was very simple and easy. Group trip planning definitely requires a very different mindset on how to get things started and ensure that everyone is coordinated and prepared for the trip.



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