24 Hours in… Los Angeles, California

If you only get 24 hours in Los Angeles, California…. first off, I’m sorry you only have 24 hours.  Second off, can you extend your trip and stay longer?  I’m sure lots of people get time to spend in Los Angeles as it has a major airport for the west coast and is a great connecting hub to other cities.  If you’re here and you have time to check out the city, here are a few things I would definitely recommend.

  • Go for a hike.  If you are prepared and want to do this, I would highly recommend it.  LA is a funny city in the sense that you can actually Uber or Lyft to a local hike.  I’ve personally Ubered to the Murphy’s Ranch hike in the Pacific Palisades because parking in that area is difficult. There are hikes all over the city that you can check out.  Obviously here’s the Hollywood sign, but there’s the Griffith Observatory or a bunch up in the Santa Monica mountains all within a short drive of the city.
  • The Hollywood Sign.  This is a must do if you have the time. It’s a bit of a hike to get up there and so make sure you have time to get up there.  If you’re really strapped on time, then save it for next time.
  • A visit to a beach.  This entire city is lined with beaches and each one has it’s own personality.  You can check out Santa Monica and the pier which is the end to Route 66.  There’s also Venice and Marina Del Rey/Playa Del Rey just north of LAX.  If you’re able to head to Southbay you can check out Manhattan Beach which is home to beach volleyball or Hermosa Beach which is less touristy and a bit more relaxed.  If you’re feeling like you want to go even further south, you can check out Redondo or go all the way to Long Beach or Huntingon Beach.  Regardless of which beach you choose, there’s a walkway along the beaches that actually connect a few of them that’ll allow you to walk from one to the other.  If you have the time, check this out.  If the weather is great, you can see up and down the coastline at all the piers and hike between them.
  • Visit a museum.  There are museums all over this city.  If you want to check out the Broad, just reserve your tickets in advance.  Tip: They release tickets for the next month on the first of the month at noon. They are free, just reserve them instead of hoping to get in via general admission.  The line can be up to a two hour wait. There’s also the LACMA or the Getty that are great to visit.  If you check out the Getty, it’s free but parking is not and it has a great view of the entire city if you’re able to check it out.  There’s also the Getty Villa over in Malibu that is worth a shot.
  • Check out DTLA and the fun neighborhoods/districts.  LA has a bunch of very specific areas that support various industries.  In downtown you can find the jewelry district, the flower district, the toy district, the fashion district, and the arts district among many others.  There are great things to see in all of them. Just be cautious of where you are walking and where you are.
  • Check out Little Tokyo, Chinatown or Korea Town (K-town).  All great and full of amazing food.
  • Check out the Grand Central Market in the morning and get some great coffee and a breakfast sandwich.  If you’re there in the afternoon, check out the BBQ beer garden on the north side of the market.
  • Go to a rooftop bar in DTLA to see all around the city.
  • Go explore the cute neighborhoods north of DTLA that are full of great shops, boutiques, local coffee shops and restaurants.  Each neighborhood has it’s own character and is worth checking out.
  • Go out for dinner.  There are great restaurants regardless of which neighborhood you to go. If you’re down for eating mass amounts of meat, I would highly recommend Korean BBQ.  It’s a full experience and delicious.  There are actually great locations all around LA but K-Town has some fantastic ones.  There are also great fusion restaurants all around.
  • Go check out the bar scene in one of the neighborhoods.I personally really enjoy the arts district.

If you can, stay longer.  There’s so much to do in this city that fitting it all in one day is too hard.  Hopefully you’ll get more than 24 hours here and I can promise that you won’t be bored.


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