Stockholm – Wandering along the coast

After I finally finished off my Swedish meatballs and delicious mashed potatoes, I started on my way again to make full use of my time in Stockholm.  I was under the impression that if I started walking toward the water from Osteralm then I would eventually find my way to the central station and then up to my hotel. As I started walking, I eventually found myself over by the Stockholm Natural History Museum and decided to continue walking along the park and coastline directly behind the museum.  I spent my time wandering along the water, checking the boats, the ships and the waterfront as I wandered aimlessly with no specific destination in mind.  If you get a chance to go along this air behind the Natural History Museum, I would highly recommend it.  I was back there without many other people around and it was like I had a secret little view of the city all to myself.

From there, I continued walking along the coastline, past the ships, past more museums and eventually ended up in a giant park which I later discovered was Bellevueparken.  Since it was winter time and New Years Eve, the park was relatively deserted and barren.  The trees were brown and had no leaves, the grass was short and brown, and the sky was incredibly gloomy almost threatening of rain or snow but it never actually happened. As I walked further and further into the park, and saw less and less people I decided it was time for me to turn back around and get out of the park.  It was starting to feel a little sketchy to me.  I know realistically, it was probably fine and it wasn’t going to be a problem for me to continue wandering but when you’re wandering alone, you have to take precautions you wouldn’t usually take.

I eventually found my way out of the park, definitely had a few minor detours where I got very lost and turned around but I did make it out of there.  I continued to walk along the water and some how ended up making a full loop and ended up at the Natural History Museum again.To be honest, in my wandering and tiredness, I hadn’t realized that I had crossed a bridge at one point so when I ended up at the museum again, I realized that I had crossed over to another island without realizing it.  I crossed back over to the mainland and started my journey back toward the the Central Station.  It was time to get some food, relax in my room and get ready for a hunt to go find the fireworks show to celebrate the start of 2017.


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