Stockholm – Broms restaurant

I got to Ostermalm and started walking through the neighborhood.  I’m not entirely sure if this neighborhood was just deserted because of the holidays or if the neighborhood was just a much quieter section of Stockholm but regardless it was very quiet there.  I was walking through the streets of that neighborhood with almost no one around and hardly any businesses there.  Nothing was really open there.  There was a wide road with a center walk way through the middle of the lanes so that pedestrians could walk through hassle free of the side alley way roads.  The main road that I walked along eventually ended up at Broms Restaurant which is my food destination of the day.

I walked into this super cute restaurant right on the corner of the main road and a side road.  The first area that you enter has almost a deli feel that has various take away foods and ingredients that you can purchase and use for other things.  To the right of the open area is the restaurant area where there are hipster-esque minimalist tables and decorations. The hostess seated me at the bar since I was there by myself.  Side note, when you travel alone you get used to certain things like sitting at the bar instead of a regular table since you take up significantly less space. I saw down and was greeted by a very friendly bartender who recommended some drinks and food for me to try.  Originally they handed me a Swedish menu so I stared blankly at it for a moment  before I realized that it was in a language I couldn’t read.  Then they realized their mistake and brought me a menu in all English. I finally settled on some freshly made black coffee with sugar and milk and some Swedish meatballs because…. I was in Sweden.

I pulled out my Kindle, turned it on and sat and waited for my food and coffee to show up. It is definitely an experience sitting at a restaurant bar by yourself, especially reading the Amy Schumer book and incessantly giggling to yourself. I know that people were probably staring at me wondering what was going through my head or what I was reading because I’m pretty sure I had a permanent smile on my face the entire time I was sitting at the bar.  Eventually my food showed up and I about died of happiness.  The Swedish meatballs came on a giant dark turqoise plate with some sauce and freshly made mash potatoes. To the side was a small dish of ligonberries and pickled cucumbers. Not pickles but rather just pickled cucumbers before they turn into full on pickles. I carefully cut each of my meatballs into fourths and would ensure that each bite contained just the perfect amount of meat, potatoes and sauce.  I slowly ate lunch bite by bite, enjoying each bite that I consumed.  I honestly have to say that this was an amazing meal and those Swedish meatballs were delicious.  They definitely beat out the Ikea ones.

When I was done with my food, it was time for me to continue my wandering.


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