Stockholm – Wandering through the city

Since I was already on one of the islands of the city, I decided to check out the photography museum, also known as the Fotografiska which is along the coast of middle island.  I started walking back in the direction of the original bridge and then made a right turn and walked along the coast line of the island past the boats, the docks and eventually ended up at the museum.  I have to be honest, by this point, I was a bit indecisive by this point of the trip. I had super lofty goals on what I wanted to do and see while I was in Stockholm but at the same part, I was torn as to whether I really wanted to actually see them. I knew that I wanted to go to see the great photographs that were housed here but by this point, I was actually over museums in general.  I had gone to so many museums in Amsterdam that at this point, I was over the idea of walking through a museum. Granted, I didn’t realize that this was how I felt until I reached the museum and so I stood outside of the building, stared long and hard at it and decided to leave.  I would recommend checking this place out if you have the chance.  It looked amazing.

Right across the street from the museum was a wall and a set of stairs up to the neighborhoods looking out over the coast.  I wasn’t entirely sure what was up there and I decided that I wanted to find out.  So I started walking, crossed the street and found myself at the top of the stairs looking out over the water and the city of Stockholm. I started walking through the neighborhoods and taking in the sites. I felt a little out of place but almost not.  The city was quiet since it was New Year’s Eve except for the few people who were out and about running errands or walking their dogs.  It was like I had a large portion of the city to myself again which was great but at the same time a little bit sad since people were celebrating the new year with family and friends. That being said, I was wandering the city by myself and as much as a little part of me was sad, I was okay with it.  I’m used to traveling alone and not having others around.  It provides a good reminder to me of my independence and forces me to be grounded in my life.  It requires me to reevaluate my perspective and how I view things.

From there, I made my way down through the city and found myself walking across the bridge on the way to the Grand Palace which led into Gamla Stan (Old Town).  As I entered this area, this is where I found all the people.  The shops were open, there were restaurants and people mingling everywhere.  It had cobble stone roads and tall buildings lining the narrow roads with cute window displays as you walked along the sidewalk. As I walked through the district, I checked out the occasional store and the occasional trinket shop to find the magnet I needed for my mom.  I eventually found one and decided that it was time to get some food.

One of my friends had sent me a recommendation that morning for a great breakfast place in Ostermalm which is about a 30 to 45 minute walk dependent on how quickly you walked.  So, I started the journey knowing that I would be starving when I arrived.



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