Stockholm – Finding the Ericsson Globe

I woke up the next morning, packed my purse for my day journey around the city, bundled up, and headed down to breakfast to immediately unbundle because it was still hot in the restaurant.  After eating some delicious meat and cheese, because obviously, I rebundled and set out into the cold to find the Ericsson Globe. The night before I had done some research in my hotel room and heard that the Ericsson Globe was something to check out when you are in Stockholm because there is a gondola ride that you can take.  But after reading some of the reviews and looking at the map, I realized that it was pretty far from the city center where I was staying and it wasn’t necessarily worth going to.  That being said, I wanted to find it so I set out on a trek to go find it.

One thing that I didn’t realize about Stockholm (among the giant list of everything else) was that it is made up of a bunch of tiny little islands that are connected by bridges. And if you’re not careful, you can eventually find yourself on an island without meaning to, more on that later.

I picked a route that seemed direct that would allow me to cut through the center of the city and go directly to the next two islands and eventually end up at the Ericsson Globe so i started walking.  It was officially New Year’s Eve so things were closed or operating on limited hours.  I left the hotel around 830AM so that my have contributed to the lack of people around the neighborhoods that I was walking through.  I walked along this route and would stop occasionally to check out what the city had to offer, the sights, the change in buildings dependent on which bridge you were standing on and where you were standing.  The city views changed with each step that I took further away from the city center and it was absolutely lovely. I eventually got to the middle of the next island and could see the giant dome of the Ericsson Globe and I realized that I had walked for about an hour and it was still really far away.  Standing in the middle of the walkway and realizing that the Ericsson Globe was still so far away, I decided to give up and start looking for other things and checking out the rest of Stockholm.

I have to admit that it isn’t often that I decide to give up on seeing something but when it is still that far away and I have less than 24 hours left in the city, I knew that I needed to ration my time appropriately so that’s just what I did.


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