Stockholm – my first evening

When I finally woke up from my dream of living in a library or at least having a beautiful room full of wall to ceiling shelves of books, I left the library and started wandering the city.  Since Stockholm is a bit more north than Amsterdam, the sun was setting just a bit earlier than I had experienced over the last few days and so I knew that I would probably start feeling really sleepy early on this evening.  I made my way to an Espresso House near by, ordered a bagel sandwich for dinner and a hot chocolate and sat down to read my kindle for a little bit. I wasn’t ready to go back to my hotel quite yet and I wanted to see a bit more of Stockholm before my heavy eyelids had their way and I fell asleep.

The Espresso House in Stockholm felt more like the coffee shops in Seattle where there are people everywhere talking, catching up and doing work.  This coffee shop was quite packed with people for being a Friday night before the holidays so it made for a great little area to do people watching. I ate my bagel sandwich in peace, drank my hot chocolate and occasionally read my Kindle.  During the time that i wasn’t interested in reading my book, I looked around the cafe and observed people.  I saw the couples having conversations, the couples who weren’t talking but were sitting next to each other on their phones, the people who were catching up, the families who stopped in for a quick bite with their kids and people who were there to do some work before the new year started. After finally finishing my food and my beverage, I decided that it was time to slowly meander my way back to my hotel.

I took my time getting back to the hotel and decided that I didn’t want to take the exact route back.  I wanted to see Stockholm at night and what it had to offer before I headed back to crash for the evening. I started wandering around the city and eventually found myself to be very cold and the sky to be very dark so I made my way back to my hotel.  I wanted to get a good nights sleep so that I could make sure I had enough energy to get through a full day of wandering through Stockholm.  It would be the last 24 hours of my trip so I needed to make the best of it before I took the long flight back to LA.


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