Stockholm – The City Library

When I decided that I wanted to go to Stockholm, Sweden I decided that the main thing I wanted to see was the City Library.  The center of the library is a rotunda filled with books and it is absolutely beautiful on the inside.  It almost feels like a library Belle from Beauty and the Beast would have had or dreamed of.  Leading up to my trip, I had some time to do a bit more research on the places I was going to and to be honest, prior to that moment of researching, I had no idea what I wanted to see in Stockholm.  In fact, I really didn’t know much about the city prior the research and after the research I was still pretty clueless about the city itself.  After my research, I found the City Library and knew that this was going to be the number one thing that I needed to see while I was Stockholm.

The airport bus dropped me off at the Central Terminal and I started walking in the direction that I thought my hotel was at.  Unlucky for me, it was the wrong direction and I ended up at water and realized that I probably should have gotten my bearings before I decided to start just walking.  At this point, I was tired and carrying all of my stuff so the fact that I was trying to find my hotel in this condition made everything seem exponentially more difficult for me. I finally figured out my bearings and started back tracking until I got past the Central Terminal and was finally walking in the correct direction to my hotel. What should have been a 7 to 8 minute walk ended up being a 20 minute journey with all of my belongings trying to find my hotel.  I checked in, dropped off my stuff and then started out on my journey to find the City Library.

Prior to leaving my hotel, I did log onto wifi and save the map to the City Library.  I was so tired that I realized I needed to have a very good idea of where I was going so that I could make sure I got to the library before the doors closed and I missed my chance. I had only booked a day and a half in this city and I wanted to make sure I did plenty of exploring and could actually see the city so I needed to cross this off my list before the rest of my adventure.

I started walking away from the Central Terminal and started following the main roads trying to get my bearings and understand the layout of Stockholm.  I eventually ended up at red brick building that was slightly lackluster from the outside and I knew I had arrived.  Based on the pictures online, the outside of the building is not the most impressive but once you get into the rotunda, it is a different story. I walked into the library, took the elevator up to the second floor and walked toward the center of the library and found myself in the center of the rotunda staring up into the shelves of books. There are a few chairs to sit on and some stairs so that you can climb to higher levels to get to the different books but it is a very peaceful place. It’s beautiful and felt like a place that I could have spent hours upon hours sitting. The books are shelved on a circular shape so that you get the rotunda all the way up from the floor to the second level.  If I could read Swedish and had more time, I would have sat in the center of this rotunda for hours reading and feeling like I was in a dream.  If your’e in Stockholm, I highly recommend checking this library out.


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