Amsterdam – final thoughts

Once I was done with the canal tour and seeing Amsterdam from a different point of view, I had no major plans or things that I wanted to see while I was there.  I had completed my list of “to dos” in the city and could really wander around aimlessly. I had no obligations and I took that literally. Since I had been rationing my activities to fill the time during the days that I was in Amsterdam, I hadn’t done as much aimless wandering as I had in other cities so this was the perfect opportunity for me to get that done.

I started walking away from the museum square and back in the general direction of my hotel because it was closer to the city center. And from there, I wandered.  I wandered until the ache in my feet and shins came back from too much walking and not the best shoes. Fun tip, Hunter rain boots are great for the rain but not for walking 10-13 miles a day consistently for a week. I walked until I found a warm place to rest, until I found a place to grab a cup of coffee to warm my hands.  I wandered until my stomach growled from hunger because I had gotten lost in the city and forgotten to eat.  I tripped over my feet and the roads because I was distracted by the fog, the colors, the architecture and the way the city was laid out.  I stayed lost until I couldn’t handle it anymore and pulled out my phone to figure out where I was so I could try to get my bearings.

To be honest, I don’t remember much from this specific part of the day.  I just remember being cold and trying to take in as much as possible through what I could see, hear, feel and smell.

Overall, Amsterdam was a great place to visit and I have no regrets that I spent time there.  I just know that I would have changed the amount of time I spent there but it’s okay because I still filled my time with things to do and see.  I truly enjoyed my time in the city, it may not be my favorite city of all time but I still truly enjoyed each and every minute I had there. Plus… Stroopwaffles.  How can you not be happy?

I think Amsterdam may be a better place to use as a home base as you go out to explore the rest of the Netherlands.  I didn’t plan for any of that additional travel so I didn’t get to see the rest of the country while I was there. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t go back and try to explore the rest of the country next time.  I would highly recommend checking out Amsterdam if you have time. It’s well worth the trip.


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