Good habits…are hard to keep

At the start of the year I decided that I wanted to change my outlook on 2017 and tackle this year in a very different way than I have previously. So I went out and bought a daily journal, spent hours (yes, hours) hand writing specific things I wanted to make sure I documented every day and started creating a list of things I wanted to do every single day to try and change my daily perspective.

I knew that I wanted a journal that gave me at least a full page a day and room to adapt it to my needs.  I found a great journal on PaperSource which gives you a full page per weekday and half a page per weekend day.  It’s a rather large journal/day planner that is not something I carry around with me but that’s okay. It’s probably for the better so that I can minimize the chances of losing this thing and revealing all my deep dark…no so secret thoughts. I mean, come on, I keep a blog so realistically my thoughts aren’t that private.

As the year started, I started reading through articles after articles about daily habits that successful people do. I know that there isn’t a prescribed right or wrong that will automatically make everything good for me but I need some level of inspiration.  After going through all these different articles I decided that the things that I wanted to document would be:

– Goals for the day/my to do list
– My accomplishments for the day
– What exercise I completed because I really need to stop being so stationary in my life, especially since I work in an office environment
– A positive thing for the day because it’s always easy to remember the negatives and people don’t pay as much attention to the positives
– Document my day because it’s good to remember how the day went in general, how I felt, anything interesting and anything not interesting that happened

I set aside specific space for each of these sections with the intention that as I built the habit, I would work to fill each section thus forcing these good habits and happier thoughts.

Every day, I start off my morning documenting my goals for the day and I end each day with a nice debrief of the day and its events.  I’ve noticed that I’ve started to have a much happier perspective or at least more neutral viewpoint of the days, even my bad days. As part of my routine and the need to fill the space in my journal, I’ve started ensuring that I do the following:

– Make breakfast every morning
– Wake up, brush my teeth, and then immediately stretch or do yoga for 10 minutes followed by about 5 minutes of meditation. I come into work with a much happier perspective or at least more open mind
– Read at least 20 pages a day
– Write in my journal every single day

We’re going on two full months of these habits.  I did take a brief hiatus for my trip but other than that, I have stuck to these habits and this specific routine. It’s been hard but it has definitely made an impact on my life and my outlook so I definitely plan on sticking with this.

Do you have any good habits that you’ve tried and kept?


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