Amsterdam – Walking through the city during the day

When I finally got my fill of the museums, I wanted to wander the city without any real destination in mind. So I just started walking around the city and checking out what the city had to offer.  I didn’t check out the Jordaan neighborhood because I had spent most of my afternoon there the day before since I was waiting to get into the Anne Frank House so I wandered everywhere else.  Through my wanderings, I checked out the main shopping areas and checked out some stores that I’ve heard about but haven’t ever actually been too.  One of the great things was that I got to see all the regular festive decorations around Amsterdam while stores were open which is great.  In Oslo, I saw all the festive decorations but I felt like I was enjoying it all by myself since I was there on Christmas day.

Even though I had a chance to go shopping and see what the stores had to offer, I didn’t buy anything since I had decided to travel in a backpack and couldn’t really pack anything into it.  During my little excursion, I did go and find a magnet for my mom.  I bought her a magnet in the same of wooden slippers.

Since I didn’t really have a main goal in mind, I just kept walking and enjoying the decorations of the city and the architecture. I love seeing the slanted houses, the lights, the decorations and the way the city was laid out. It’s also wonderful to people watch during this time and see the contrast of the city. The old architecture with an occasional train driving by or a random house or two with more up to date modern architecture built into the same city block. I loved seeing the shutters on the old warehouses around the city because when they were open, it felt like it was giving off the idea that you could get access to a hidden secret inside each of these buildings. It was almost like a greeting or a welcome to the world to that the secrets inside the old warehouses are now available for people to see. I don’t think I could ever stop wandering and admiring the shutters around Amsterdam.

While I was wandering, I eventually ended up at the tulip market. It’s actually really awesome to see because in the middle of a foggy day, there’s this market where you can see tulips growing and buy all the makings for a great tulip garden.  If you’re ever in the market for growing tulips, I would highly recommend checking out this area.  There are seeds that you can purchase and send home along with stems, flowers, etc that you can send all around the world. It’s almost a full street of a floating market on one of the canals.  You can’t miss it because it’s a bunch of glass structures in the middle of the canal.

When I was finally done walking through the city, I stopped by a bakery right by my hotel and purchased some delicious macaroons then made my way back to my hotel for the evening. I had one more day left in Amsterdam before heading off to my next destination.


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