Amsterdam – More museums

After the Anne Frank House, I needed to take some time to stop thinking and just block out the world for a little bit.  That experience was significantly more overwhelming than I thought it would be so I headed back to my hotel and relaxed in front of the TV watching mindless television for the remainder of the night.

The next morning, I felt more ready to be out and about so I went back out to the city. I started off my morning by going to the Van Gogh museum which is in the museum square directly behind the Rijksmuseum.  I made my way out to the museum and found that it was already packed with people.  I walked up to the ticket window and purchased my ticket to get into the museum with my I Amsterdam City Card.  Looking back, I may have accidentally skipped the line and no one stopped me so…. as a heads up, there’s a line that is directly in front of  the ticket office and I believe you’re supposed to stand there and wait for people to let you go up to the ticket office.  Once I got my ticket, I started walking through the security and made my way through the entire Van Gogh Museum. You aren’t allowed to take photographs in there except in very specific areas that are “instagram worthy”.  They put little labels on the areas where you can take photos. The Van Gogh Museum was awesome an I’m really glad I went.  The only thing is that I wish I had shown up a little bit earlier so that I could have spent more time with the exhibits without as many people. As I mentioned earlier, I had gone to the Rijksmuseum before most people showed up and I loved being able to take my time through the museum.  This was not the case with the Van Gogh Museum. There were tours everywhere and it made it very difficult to read the different descriptions of the paintings let alone get close enough to really see what the painting was about.  There were people everywhere and you definitely needed to follow with the flow of traffic which made things a little difficult.  I finally had enough of it and had gone through all the various exhibits and left the museum.

I walked outside and went about 15 feet back toward the Rijksmuseum and stopped at the Moco Museum.  I had seen various advertisements all around the city showing that there was a Banksy exhibit occurring at this museum so I decided that I wanted to go check this out. Lucky for me, the Moco wasn’t super busy and I was able to walk in directly and start wandering the museum without too many people.  It’s actually a great little museum because it’s essentially a giant house turned museum so the exhibits are placed in a bunch of different rooms around the house in both the up and downstairs of the house. I loved seeing the different pieces of artwork that has been collected over the years and it’s always so interesting to see what Banksy has done.  I personally have very mixed feelings about Banksy but it’s so interesting to see what a following Banksy has received and how people react to his artwork.  His artwork is great and I feel like he’s created a very interesting perpetual social experiment about people.  It’s so fascinating.

I ended up spending a few hours at the Moco Museum, especially because they showed a documentary about the month where Banksy released a piece of art in NYC every day for a month and wouldn’t post the location until the day of. I learned a lot more about the artist and his work through that documentary during the short amount of time there.  Immediately following the Banksy exhibit, I checked out a few of the Warhol exhibits that were there.  It was really cool to see the contrast of the Warhol pieces to the re-creations by Banksy. I never realized the connection between the two and I’m used to seeing them separately but seeing them directly next to each other really creates a very interesting perspective on what both artists were trying to say about society and how relevant it still is.

After the Banksy exhibit, I left the Moco and set out to actually wander the city.


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