Amsterdam – the Anne Frank House, tips on getting in

I knew that the Anne Frank House was one of the things that I had to see while I was in Amsterdam.  I remember reading Anne Frank’s Diary and feeling so emotionally attached to the story and the writing.  And realizing that I had an opportunity to actually see where this story took place meant that this was a must do in during my visit.  Since I hadn’t planned accordingly, I knew that I needed to stand in line to get in.  So I got in line around 230PM and prepared myself for what I knew would be a very long wait.

In order to get into the Anne Frank House, it is about 9.50EURO to get into the house.  You have two easy options to get into to see where Anne Frank and her family spent hiding during the war. You can book tickets online which usually open up about two to three months before where you can essentially reserve your tickets for the day you plan on being there.  The museum is open from 9AM to 7PM (sometimes 9PM or 10PM dependent on the the day and time of year.  Definitely check the website to better understand the hours). During this time, the online tickets get you into the museum from 9AM to 330PM and this time slot is only for those with pre-ordered tickets. At 330PM, they open up the museum to general admission which means the line that starts at the front door and wraps around the church and square next door.  The wait in line can take up to 3 hours from what I have heard.  So if you don’t purchase a ticket beforehand and plan on visiting the Anne Frank House, I would highly recommend getting to the house before 330PM.

I showed up at the line at 230PM and pulled out my Kindle getting ready for my long wait. Since I had spent the entire day wandering the city and seeing what the city had to offer, I didn’t quite realize how cold it was.  Yes it was definitely cold, but I felt fairly warm since I was constantly on the move.  But standing in that line, I definitely came to my senses and realized just how cold it was. It was somewhere in the mid 30s and standing in that line without much movement definitely made me regret not bringing even more layers.  I had left my second layer jacket back at the hotel and was definitely regretting that.  But I did bring my gloves, my scarf and my beanie so it helped me while I waited int he line. I pasted the time reading on my Kindle while shifting my weight from foot to foot to try and keep some level of movement and warmth going. Finally at 430PM, I arrived at the front door and began my tour through the Anne Frank House.


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