Amsterdam – Exploring Amsterdam

Since I hadn’t planned my trip very well, I didn’t realize that I needed to get tickets to the Anne Frank House prior to arriving in Amsterdam.  This meant that I would have to get a general admission ticket which gets released at 330PM every day.  I had actually wandered past the Anne Frank House the day before around 6 PM thinking that it wouldn’t be busy at that time and I was insanely wrong.  The line for general admission wrapped around the block that night so I knew that I would need to be there prior to 330PM to ensure I could get into the museum.  So I walked over to the Jordaan neighborhood of Amsterdam and just wandered aimlessly.

I walked around and thought that I would find a cute coffee shop to sit in and read my Kindle.  Unfortunately I didn’t find any typical coffee shops but instead only the ones where people would smoke in them. So I went to a cafe which turned out to be an actual restaurant so I ordered a sandwich and some delicious tomato soup while trying to eat as slowly as possible to kill as much time as possible.  I don’t think I have ever taken that long to eat a soup before in my life but I needed to justify spending at least an hour or two at this restaurant by myself during a very busy time. So I sat, ate, read, pondered, ate, and read.

After I felt like I could no longer spend anymore time in this restaurant, I finally paid for my food and then set outside into the cold to wander some more. I walked with only one mission, spend as much time wandering until it was time to get to the Anne Frank House to stand in line. I spent most of my time walking through one street, making one turn and continuing down the next street all in a zigzag pattern around the Jordaan neighborhood. I got some time really appreciate the architecture of the city, the crooked homes, the shutters, the canals and the flowers of the city.  I even took a quick look around the Tulip Museum across the street from the Anne Frank House. When I got out of the Tulip Museum, it was around 230PM and I saw that there was already a line outside of the Anne Frank House so I knew it was time for the wandering to stop and the line waiting to occur.  So I crossed the street and began my 2 hour wait to get into see where Anne Frank was in hiding.


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