Amsterdam – Wandering Amsterdam part 1

Immediately following my experience at the Rijksmuseum, I walked out through the other side of the entrance to the rest of the museum plaza.  In this general area, you can find the Van Gogh Museum, the Moco and (while I was there) the I Amsterdam letters along with an ice rink. Apparently these letters actually travel around the city but there are multiple sets of them.  I believe that these are the permanent display for the original letters and the rest are just replicas that are moved around the city. Since I had spent so much time in the museum, it was already mid-day when I walked out to the letters and they were packed. There were people climbing all over the letters and you could really only see the top half of every letter.  It was very difficult to be able to get a picture of the letters standing up close so I started wandering a little further away.

Just outside of the museum was an ice skating rink that had a cute little set of shops and temporary food shacks that were serving hot drinks and hot food.  In addition, there was an adorable bridge built right in the center of the ice rink.  I walked up to the middle of the bridge and got a much better view of the entire I Amsterdam letters with the perfect backdrop of the Rijksmuseum.  On the other side of me, were the museums and a beautiful green lawn and the the Van Gogh Museum.

When I finally got done taking pictures of the plaza, I started walking around the city. I made a decision that this was the ay that I would go and wait to visit the Anne Frank Museum so I had to have it perfectly timed out. So until I could go stand in line, I decided to start wandering the city and see what it had to offer during the day.


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