4 years and counting

Dear Jimmy.

Every year over the last four years, this time of of year is always hard for me. This week marks the four year anniversary of your passing and it’s always a difficult time. But for once, I’m going to take the time to reflect on how I’ve changed, how I’ve grown and what I’ve done since you left…

I don’t know if I can 100% attribute all of this to you and the impact you had on my life but since 2013, I have stepped out of my comfort zone. So far so that I don’t know if my comfort zone still really exists at this point.

  • I started and graduated from Grad School. Remember when we talked about our future plans? I actually followed through!
  • I’ve done 8 major international trips spanning just over 18 countries and 3 continents
  • I moved away from Seattle to a city I never thought I’d live in
  • I left a company I had gotten very comfortable at
  • I took chances on relationships
  • I recovered from those relationships
  • I solo traveled and had embarrassing things happen to me
  • I crossed multiple things off my bucket list like pampering elephants, seeing the Segrada Familia and the White Temple
  • I started this blog to document everything going on
  • I’ve seen the people I love get married and start the next chapter of their lives
  • I’ve learned to continue to see the best in people and put faith in others. I lost it there for a bit after you left, but I’m getting it back.

And that’s just to name a few things.  I want to stay positive and remember that things happen for a reason and that people we love will come and go. It’s a matter of how we remember them and how we decide to grow.

I know that a few of the things that I have done over the last four years have been because of you and for that, I am grateful.  I am eternally grateful for the opportunities and chances I’ve had and have been able to take.  I am thankful for the influence and impact you left on me.

I will continue wandering, traveling, and exploring in your honor.

I miss you each and every day, but each day is a reminder of just how lucky I am to have known you.


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