Amsterdam – Rijksmuseum

On day 2 of my Amsterdam adventure, I started off the day with some breakfast in my hotel. One thing that I especially loved about this specific Europe trip was the breakfast.  I love being able to eat delicious cheese and meats for breakfast.  There’s something about eating delicious cheese for breakfast that just makes me so happy. I know that I could do it back home but it just seems so much more special and fancy when I only eat it in Europe. Once I had finished consuming an absurd amount of cheese, I started making my way to the Rijksmuseum.  Right before I had left for the trip, I saw a map that showed the tourist things to visit in every country and the Rijksmuseum was on the list for the Netherlands.  This specific museum is dedicated to the art work of Dutch and it is huge.  It almost looks like a palace that you can go wandering through.  I wanted to cross this museum off my list as one of the first things because it would take the longest amount of time.

This museum is absolutely amazing. I managed to get there right after they opened so I could beat all the crowds which was one of the best ideas I have had. I was able to get into the museum without any issues or lines which was fantastic. I started off in one wing, did all the floors and then hiked over to the other half of the museum.  This place has everything broken up by eras which is a great way to follow the path through the museum and see the progression of art through the years.  In addition, there’s also a bunch of interesting architecture and design elements within the museum that are a nice touch to the art exhibits. I ended up spending quite a few hours here wandering throughout the museum and checking out everything it had to offer.  As I started walking out through the main atrium, I saw that it was filled to the brim with people. I am so pleased that I got there early.  I would definitely recommend it because it’s almost like you get the museum to yourself and you can really enjoy the pieces without the hoards of people around either pushing you to move forward or not giving you the time you want with the pieces that intrigue you the most.

Just an FYI, the City Card does not give you free access to the Rijksmuseum but it does give you a discount to get in so keep that in mind.


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