Amsterdam – Lights Festival

One of the events going on in Amsterdam during my visit was the Amsterdam Light Festival.  It was made up of a bunch of art installations around the canals that would light up during the evening.  You could either do the walking tour or do a tour by the canal.  I didn’t realize that the Lights Festival was occurring while I was there until I stumbled upon a part of the walking path while I was hopelessly lost and trying to find my way back to my hotel.  The Lights Festival was absolutely beautiful and with the city as the backdrop for each of the installations, it was the perfect welcome to the city and the best way to end my first day in Amsterdam.

If you find yourself in Amsterdam around that the holidays, I would highly recommend checking out the art installations, especially if the Lights Festival is happening again.

After walking through a few of the installations like the bridges covered in lights, the installations that react to music and the giant light up tulips, I finally started making my way back to my hotel.  It’s actually quite interesting because the entire city is full of things to do at night but I managed to find myself in a very quiet part of town. When you walk away from the louder, more populated neighborhoods, things get very quiet and feel almost like a suburb. It’s fascinating how you can walk just minutes away and feel like you’ve entered an entirely different part of town. It’s almost like you’ve completely left the nightlife even if you’re just a block or two away from the super populated areas.

Finally, after about 30 minutes of being hopelessly lost, I found myself back at my hotel and decided to settle in for the night. I needed to save my energy for the next days in the city.


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