The World’s Best Travel Jacket – a review

In 2015 my friend sent me a link to a Kickstarter campaign for the World’s Best Travel Jacket.  I saw the video and immediately became obsessed. I knew that I needed this jacket for multiple reasons.
1) It was awesome looking
2) So many pockets and places to hide things
3) Built in neck pillow
4) Decently attractive for a jacket

So I backed the jacket in hopes that it would arrive in time for my many trips that I was planning for 2015.  Unfortunately it didn’t arrive until February 2016 so I didn’t get a chance to use the jacket until December 2016.  I know, crazy that I waited a whole 10 months to use it but I have to admit that it was totally worth the wait.

I purchased the bomber jacket so it is a bit more of a heavy duty jacket that is thicker than what you would probably get with the sweater or the blazer options.  I got the black version because it would go with everything I owned and when it was time to get ready for my Europe 2016 trip, I finally cut off all the tags of the jacket and got ready for the trip.

First off, the jacket looks good, especially with all the fancy amenities that are part of it.  I love the durability of the fabric, the way it looks and the way it feels in general.  I spent most of my trip in cities that never really got above mid 30 degrees (Fahrenheit) and I could get away with just wearing the jacket with a long sleeves underneath and a scarf.  I wore the jacket on the airplane ride to Oslo so that I could make use of the sleeping mask and the neck pillow.

Okay, that neck pillow is amazing.  It’s super easy to blow up and deflate plus it’s super soft for the area that you actually sleep on.  I have a weird love of excessively soft materials and I was very pleased with what they’ve used to cover the neck pillow.  It sits well in the hood.  The only complaint I have about the neck pillow being in the hood is that it folds and becomes really bulky on your next if you are just walking around but realistically it’s a minor thing. I utilized the sleeping mask and it really does block out the light on the planes which is really helpful, plus it keeps your head warm since you have to put it on with the hood.

I wore the jacket every day of my trip and it kept me warm.  I was able to keep my phone on the inner pockets to make sure I never lost it and I could keep various little items in my jacket without worrying about bringing my purse with me.  The jacket is snug but I was able to put a puffy jacket on underneath the bomber without trouble and it kept me extra snug and warm.

Overall, the first impressions and first actual trip with the jacket have proven that this was a great purchase. The overall quality of the jacket is very high and the various compartments and extras on the jacket are definitely useful and worth the price.  I would make the purchase again.I’ll do another review after I use the jacket again to make sure I still love it as much as I do now.P.S. that neck pillow is enough to make it worth it.


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