Oslo, Norway – the last few hours

After I finally got enough of the sunset over the islands, I waddled back into the city center because I was so cold so walking like a normal person wasn’t entirely possible by this point.  I don’t regret standing there for that long and starting to lose feeling in all my extremities because it was totally worth it.  I knew that I needed to get some dinner so I started to wander back toward City Center and look for anywhere that was open.  One of the open places I found was the Espresso House near the water.  This is a chain coffee shop that is all around Oslo.  I stopped in there for a nice cup of hot chocolate and a snack.  I have taken to bringing my Kindle with me whenever I wander because you never know when you’ll find somewhere nice to sit and just read.  This was the perfect moment to sit down with a bagel sandwich, some hot chocolate and alternate between people watching and reading my book.

Quick side note, during this trip I was reading The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer. And I’ve always enjoyed reading memoirs, and this book was no exception.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book but I do have to add in the caveat that it makes people stare at you when you’re giggling to yourself in public.  People don’t necessarily appreciate you laughing to yourself when no one else is sitting with you at a table.

After finishing my bagel and hot chocolate, I started the official walk back to the city center.  I passed the skating rink in the middle of the city and wandered down the shopping streets.  At this point, all the lights had turned back on and the city was lit with holiday lights and reflecting off the small amount of frost that was starting to coat the streets.  There were significantly less people around by this point and I was back to feeling like I was alone in the city.  It was like whatever would happen or whatever emotions/experiences I would have would just be between me and the city itself.  Our own little secret.

I found a Max Burgers that was open and decided that I was too cold to try and find anywhere else.  Plus, realistically, the possibility of an actual restaurant being open were slim to none by this point.  I ordered the burger from the kiosk and waited for my food.  One of the great things about this was that I managed to navigate my way through the kiosk that displayed everything in a mixture of English and Norwegian and I stood waiting for my food.  By that point, the entire restaurant filled to the brim with people since it was one of the few locations that was still open at this point.  I grabbed my dinner and made my way back to my hotel.  I had to wake up early the next day for my flight to Amsterdam so I decided that I would enjoy my food in the comfort of my hotel room, the warmth and get ready to repack my life so that I could head off to the next leg of my journey.

Even though my Christmas 2016 was spent completely alone and wandering aimlessly throughout a foreign city, it was the best way to spend that holiday.  I settled in my room for the night and tried to get some sleep in preparation for my flight.


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