Oslo, Norway – Christmas Day Part 1

During the winter time, the amount of sunlight available in Oslo is limited. The sun rise was around 9AM and set around 4PM on Christmas Day. I started off my day with some breakfast at my hotel which consisted of roasted tomatoes (my favorite breakfast item when I’m in Europe), cheese, salami, and a poached egg with bacon on top. It was the best way to start off my day, especially Christmas Day.

After breakfast, I bundled up and set out on a walking adventure. I could have taken the time to use the public transportation but I wanted to walk around the city and see what the city had to offer. Plus there’s so much you miss when you take the short route to your destination. I hate walking around with my phone in my hand and following precious directions on Google Maps, so I took a look at the map when I ate breakfast and immediately set out on my journey to find Vigeland Park (Frogner Park). Having arrived on Christmas Eve and leaving on the 26th, my trip here was more focused on what was free and open during the holidays. That meant that I was focused on the outdoors and the parks of Oslo. I am directionally challenged but managed to find the park and started wandering. Most everything was written in Norwegian with no English translation so I wasn’t entirely sure what I was looking at or what was in the park. Luckily, I found one sign that gave a paragraph description of what was in the park. Vigeland was Norwegian sculptor and many of his sculptures are in this specific park. You’ll find a cute little cafe at the entrance of the park right next to the ornate gates right before the bridge. As you walk along this bridge, there are statues lining the bridge. It almost feels like statues showing the different stages of a family. I couldn’t find anything that shared the story behind them so I’m only guessing.

The bridge eventually leads to a rectangular fountain. This fountain is surrounded by statues under trees and in the center are men holding up a bowl. The fountain was completely frozen when I saw it so there was no running water and small frozen stream surrounding the sculptures. Just past this fountain was a set up stairs leading to an obelisk type statue made up entirely of people piled upon each other and the platform is surrounded by people all around it. You can get a wonderful view of the bridge and the statues you just passed from this platform. After that, if you continue walking you’ll run into the zodiac signs followed by a circle made of more people.

There’s an entire museum in Oslo dedicated to this sculpture in this park that you can visit. I’m sure the history of the statues and explanations are listed there but unfortunately I couldn’t get in since it was Christmas Day.

After walking through the park, checking out the statue, I wandered to the coffee shop and sat down for a quick cup of coffee. I also needed to rebundle myself up because standing in that park, I felt like all of my limbs were about to fall off. After my cup of coffee, I took a look at the tourist map of the city and decided I was going to hike across the city to the Munch Museum.


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