Landing in Oslo, Norway

First off, I got the opportunity to finally do a long haul flight on a 787 which was one of the best ways to start off my trip for this holiday season.  If you didn’t know, I love airplanes and the 787 holds a very special place in my heart.  I had the great opportunity to work on this plane and man it took a lot out of me and definitely challenged me but I love the plane because it was such a huge part of my statement of work for quite a few years. If you ever get a chance to fly on a 787 for a long haul flight, I highly recommend it.  The plane is able to handle turbulence just a bit better than most other airplanes due to the composite wings, the windows are bigger and dim-able, and the humidity level inside of the airplane is lower so you don’t feel as dehydrated during your flight.  As someone who has finally experienced a 10 hour flight on one of those airplanes, I can definitely say this stuff is all true. I got to sit on the aisle seat of the middle section which meant that the person sitting in the middle had two options to get out of the row which helps decrease the amount of times that I would actually have to get up. Luckily, the other two seats in my row were occupied by a couple which meant that I didn’t have to worry about ever getting up to let the middle seat out.  It was great.

I didn’t sleep much on the plane which was unfortunate.  When I finally started to go to sleep, I was woken up for food which really threw my sleeping out of whack on the plane and I wasn’t able to get back into the swing of things. This was, sadly, a poor sign for how my sleeping would be for the rest of the trip.

Once we landed in Oslo, I went through customs/passport control and then headed out to catch the bus. I was staying at the Radisson Blu Scandinavia which is located right by the Royal Palace in the Oslo city center and they have a deal with the FlyBussen which is one of the options for airport transportation.  If you get a chance to stay at the Radisson Blu’s in Oslo, you actually get a 25% discount on the FlyBussen which ended up being about $20USD to get into the city.  I would have taken a different form of transportation but given that it was Christmas Eve, I didn’t want to worry about if public transportation was running.  So I hopped on the FlyBussen, went through all the stops and ended up directly in front of my hotel.  I checked into my room, changed into jeans and went out for a Christmas Eve walk around Oslo.


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