Flying to Oslo, Norway

I flew to Oslo on December 23rd, 2016 which happened to be a really busy day at LAX.  Leading up to my flight, I had heard that LAX had been canceling flights like crazy and that the airport was expecting about 9-10% more passengers during the 2016 holiday season than the years before.  Due to the weather all around the States, flights were delayed and canceled and traffic at the airport was supposed to be terrible.  My flight was supposed to leave at 745PM on Friday night and land in Oslo around 230PM on Christmas Eve.  About the week before, I received an email from Norwegian telling me that due to the holidays, the airport would be closing at 3PM on Christmas Eve so my flight was being bumped up to 615PM on Friday night.  I have to admit that the fact that an airline emailed me to let me know an airport was closing due to the holidays, I thought it was adorable. I loved that the airport was shutting down early so that people could go home and spend time with their families and it made me really happy.

I decided that I really didn’t want to deal with traffic and crazy amounts of people at the airport so I showed up super early.  Surprisingly enough, getting to the airport on this particular day was actually one of the easiest travel experiences I have had at LAX.  The amount of time it took for me to get to the airport, through the various terminals and finally to the terminal I needed to be at was impressive to say the least. Significantly less than when I travel on a random weekend which was crazy to me. This was actually my first time starting an international journey out of LAX so going through the Tom Bradley Airport was interesting.  I never knew what to expect but it felt like a big European airport with the layout and the way that they do their checkin desks.  I actually really appreciated it because it’s much more efficient and it was super easy to navigate and get through.  I got up to the security, went through and headed to the lounge. One of the great things about my credit card is that I get access to certain lounges with a Priority Pass and so even though I got to the airport about 2 hours earlier than I needed to, I was able to hang out in the lounge and get some snacks before it was time to board the plane for my flight. I was able to charge everything up, get some food, relax and then it was time to head out to buy some water before my flight.

One thing that I’ve decided is key for me is having a full bottle of water with me on the flight.  For some of the older planes, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that I get dehydrated significantly easier so the bottle of water is key and helpful in making the adjustment to the new timezone a bit easier.

When it was time to board in my flight, I waited in line for my turn and anxiously listened to each boarding group as they got called.  It was silly because I was in the 12th row and the way that they boarded, they did first class/business/premium, then row 25 and back then 15 and back and then the remaining rows which ended up being … 8 through 12… So I was one of the last rows to board which is always unnerving for me on the long haul flights.  I have to admit that it’s silly but on the long haul flights, I want my bags to be in the overhead bins so that I can make full use of my space and when I’m one of the last people on the plane, I get a little anxious.  Luckily, my bag being just a backpack, I didn’t have any worries about finding a place to put my bag. I settled into my seat and got ready for the flight…


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