2017 Resolutions: 2nd chance

I know I say this every year and I still stand firmly by it.  Chinese New Year is and always will be my second chance to make sure I’m sticking to my resolutions.  And if I’m not sticking to my resolutions, it’s my chance to start focusing only on what I know I can stick with.  So let’s check in:

  • Explore more. I’ve started going to new restaurants and neighborhoods so, I would say that this is something I can stick with.
  • Stop holding myself back. I’m still working on this.  I want to keep this one for sure because I feel like this is necessary.
  • Read more. I am still going to keep this one even though I haven’t started it.
  • Exercise more. This is also something I want to do every year and I start off so strong and then start to fail by the end of the year. I need to hold strong for the entire year.
  • Keep my home tidy. My apartment is the cleanest it has ever been and I love it.
  • Take better care of my body and my mind. So far so good! I’ve been doing yoga and drinking water every morning.  Let’s see if I can keep this up.
  • Try more foods and restaurants. Two new restaurants so far.  I need to work on this….
  • Sleep more. I’m failing at this one but it’s obvious I need to keep it around.
  • Be more present. I’m still trying to make sure I am present with everyone in my life.  I will continue to work on this one.

Chinese New Year is this weekend and so time for my second chance!  Wish me luck!


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