Booking a trip to close out 2016

I didn’t travel as much in 2016 and so I knew that I had to end the year with a something big. I decided that since I moved to a place of almost perpetual sun, I wanted to go somewhere for a white Christmas.  So I started looking at flights and after a few days of searching, I settled on a trip to:

  • Oslo, Norway
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Stockholm, Sweden

Looking back, I realize that I didn’t quite plan this out as very well considering I went from north to south back to north and geographically, it didn’t make too much sense. Regardless, this was a cheaper route and it was the route I ended up taking for my trip.

I found the cheapest flights and ended up buying them as separate legs to save money to ensure that I could get the most bang for my buck, especially considering the fact that hotels during the holidays would definitely be more expensive.

I booked my flight direct from LAX to Oslo through Norwegian Airways. My flight from Oslo to Amsterdam and then Amsterdam to Stockholm through KLM. Then used my points to book a flight on Air Berlin to fly home which ended up being a Stockholm to Dusseldorf to LAX route. Looking back on this, I have to admit that I feel an immense sense of pride for getting these flights at the price that I did and that I got to use my points from my credit card.  I had been saving those for a rainy day and finally got to use them on a trip that should have cost me almost double what I ended up paying.

As you know, when I book my travel, I’m really bad about figuring out what I want to do and doing any pre-planning for my trip so the only thing that I got really figured out were the flights and I left the rest up for a later date to plan.



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