Coming back from Taiwan

After Singapore, I went back to Taiwan to spend some time with my mom and my grandma.  My mom had decided to meet me in Taiwan for the last part of my trip.  We spent the time visiting all the major landmarks in Taipei that I had missed and hanging out with family friends. After that part of my trip was over, we flew home and I had about a week in Boise before I headed back to school.

It was an interesting experience coming back to the States after this specific trip.  I remember feeling very strange about what I saw back home and feeling reverse culture shock.  When I had arrived in Taiwan, I definitely experienced culture shock but the reverse culture shock was significantly stronger when I returned back to the States.  I had just spent 8 weeks in Asia and it was a little hard to come back to reality.  I think it was because the trip was the first time I really immersed myself in another culture and learned about the hardships about others.  It’s one thing to read about it in a book or on the internet but to be in the presence of it can be really difficult.  I am so honored to have been given the experience to work with those students at WuFeng, and that experience definitely impacted me in a way I didn’t think it would.  Knowing that these children who were in middle school were more adult than I was and could actually survive on their own was both impressive and heartbreaking.  They didn’t get a childhood like we had and coming back home made me realize and appreciate everything I had in my life.

I truly think that this was the start of my love of travel. It was really hard to come back but at the same time, I am so happy that I got the chance to gain those experiences. Ever since that trip, I’ve always appreciated coming home because each trip reminds me to appreciate what I have and the moments I have with people that I love.  It’s taught me to be in the moment and truly appreciate everything in my life.  I owe my love of travel, or rather my travel bug, to this trip to Taiwan, Singapore and Indonesia.  It opened my eyes and taught me to be curious about the world.

When did you get your travel bug?



One thought on “Coming back from Taiwan

  1. Little Miss Traveller says:

    I got my travel bug at the age of 13 on my first overseas trip and have been curious to see the world since. I’ve visited Hong Kong and Singapore before but this year we are spending time in Taiwan – I’m really looking forward to it!


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