Singapore, the adventures

After my time in Taiwan, I left the country to meet some friends in Singapore.  It was my first time in Asia so I thought that I needed to make the most of the trip. My dad suggested I take a Singapore Airlines flight because it was one of the nicer airlines which meant it was more expensive and realistically I would probably not fly that airline anytime soon after that. So we splurged and I bought a ticket to Singapore via Singapore Airlines.  I have to admit, it was one of the better economy class flights that I have taken.  The flight that I took to Taiwan from the States had resulted in one of the meals being top ramen.  I got luck because I was a vegetarian at the time so I had actual food but I remember waking up to the smell of top ramen and seeing the flight attendant walking down the aisle with hot water. That did not happen on the Singapore Airlines flight.  The food was decent and we got our own little Haagen Dazs containers of ice cream, which at the time, was a big deal for me.

I landed in Singapore prior to my friends landing and so I picked up my luggage and waited for them at baggage claim.  I remember seeing my friends arriving and getting very excited that I started jumping up and down to get their attention.  It was very obvious that I was not a local because everyone definitely looked at me as I was being very loud and obnoxious.

After my friends and I finally met up, we took a cab to my friend’s childhood home and got prepared for our week in Singapore. During the time that we were in the city, we got the chance to:

– Try out the hawker stalls.  The stalls are usually a collective of food stalls and some tables that you can sit at after you get food.  It’s a good place to get standard Singaporean street food.  I would definitely recommend checking it out and getting food from here.  The food is delicious and usually on the cheaper side.
– The bars. It’s an interesting experience because you can start drinking at a much younger age in Singapore so we were able to experience the bars while we were there along with an oxygen bar which was mind blowing to me as someone who was not well versed in the bar scene.
– The marina.  Of course there’s the famous ship bar that over looks the entire city.  We didn’t do that but we did take pictures with the lions that line the coast line.  It’s definitely beautiful and totally worth walking.
– Shopping.  The shopping in Singapore is great.  It’s expensive and the same price that you would pay at any big city around the world but there are so many more brands there.  Lately a lot of the popular brands in Asia have started making their way to the States but when we were in Singapore, Boise and Seattle didn’t have stores like Zara or MANGO so we had to take full advantage of the great shopping.
– Food.  The food in general was amazing and there are some great restaurants you can check out there that are great if you aren’t feeling the hawker stalls. You can get a wide range of food from all different types of cultures in Singapore.

Overall, my experience in Singapore was great and it was a lot of fun. That being said, after about a week of being there, it felt like we had seen most everything the city had to offer.  So we decided that we were going to take a boat to Indonesia and lay on the beach…


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