WuFeng Middle School, Taiwan

After our week of training, my group consisting of four girls and two guys loaded into a van with a teacher from our middle school and drove to the mountains of Taiwan to a place called WuFeng.  We were going to be staying at WuFeng Middle School and would be teaching local students while we were there.  When we first showed up, we were there about two days before the students would actually show up from their respective homes.  While we were there, we had the opportunity to meet with some local children who were there for an archery camp.

We settled in to our rooms and then immediately went outside to meet with the kids who were there for the archery camp.  They were middle schoolers who were also competitive archers and were there for training before their competitions come the start of the school year. We ended up spending some time with these kids and having them teach us how to be archers. As someone whose Chinese is less than impressive, it was a struggle to figure out exactly what they were telling me but we ended up figuring it out and I got a chance to shoot a bow and arrow.


*Photo courtesy of Jennifer*

Trying to figure out how to properly shoot a bow and arrow is not an easy task. Especially when you have minimal to no upper body strength. The kids were so kind and patient with us as we tried to figure out how to properly shoot the bow and arrows.  There may have been some laughter involved and by some, I mean a lot of laughter involved as they watched us struggle through it but it was all in good fun.  We spent a few hours with the kids learning archery and then wandered back into the dorms for dinner.

After we had dinner with the on-site teachers, we went back to our rooms and got ready to settle in for the night…or so we thought.

As the girls started to unpack some of our stuff and we got ready for bed, we encountered our first flying cockroach. Yes. A flying cockroach.  I did not know that these things existed and I was plenty okay with thinking that they didn’t but unfortunately the world wasn’t going to let me continue in this life without experiencing these terrible bugs at least once in my life. There was a flying cockroach hanging on someone’s luggage and when we started moving things around, it flew up in her face and then into the window to try and escape.  We immediately grabbed the electric tennis racket that they use for the bugs and started chasing it around the room while simultaneously screaming because… flying cockroach.  Eventually the boys came running into our room to see what the commotion was about and they helped us get the cockroach out the window. Even though the cockroach was gone, I’m pretty sure no one slept the rest of the night for fear of a cockroach crawling over us. What a welcome to WuFeng.


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