Before trip rituals

As I begin to prep for my next big trip, I’ve noticed that I have very specific things that I do prior to my trip.  I didn’t realize that I have very specific steps that I do until recently everyone started asking me if I was ready for my trip, if I had started packing already, have I figured out everything I’m going to do, etc. After getting this questions, I came to the realization that I don’t prep the same way many other people prep and I don’t travel the way other people expect me to travel. Here are just a few things that I do before any trip:

  • I deep clean my apartment. If it’s a shorter weekend trip, I don’t necessarily deep clean my apartment but I go through all the mail that I’ve let sit around on my counter, I tidy, I put everything away.  If it’s a longer trip, I make sure the day before or the day of, I take out all the recycle, put everything away, take out all the garbage, clean my fridge and deep clean to the extent that you would typically only see during things like spring cleaning or having a small crisis.
  • I refuse to go out to eat. The last two to three days leading up to a trip (regardless of the length) I stop going out to eat.  Or if I decide to go out to eat, I make sure everything in my fridge has been consumed and that I can get at least one extra meal out of my leftovers from the restaurant. It’s a weird thing but I start rationing all my food options before I travel so that I do not need to worry about food going bad. I think this is something people do but at the same time, I do it to a very calculated length that is weird requires a lot of planning. More planning than should be necessary.
  • I start making a list in my head but it’s never a list that I write down. I make a list in my head of everything I need to do but I never put it in writing because it stresses me out. The list usually includes things like getting currency, calling my banks, holding my mail, etc.
  • I attempt to finish catching up on all of my shows before I leave so that I don’t have as much to catch up on when I get back home. It’s ridiculous but I love it so much.
  • I start clearing things out like my wallet. This is to the extent that I start getting rid of receipts and clutter in my purse that I plan on traveling with. I start getting rid of anything that takes up excess space.
  • I start drinking a significant amount of water leading up to my trip. Especially my longer international trips.  I try to get super hydrated the two or three days leading up to my flight just to start getting my body used to holding water a little bit longer. This may be too much information but I have a small bladder and those long haul flights are killer.
  • If I can, I shower the day of my flight and wash my hair. If I can’t, I make sure to shower the night before my flight.  Especially since my hair is dyed right now, I try to keep the color as long as possible but I’m not bringing that extra dye with me around on my trips. I can usually go through a couple of days without washing my hair but that rule goes out the window when I travel so that I can ensure I’m refreshed for my trip.
  • I pack less than 24 hours before my trip. If I’m leaving in the morning, I’ll pack the night before.  If I am leaving later in the day, then I’ll pack that morning. It doesn’t leave me enough time but it forces me to stop myself from constantly repacking my stuff and second guessing everything I plan on bringing with me on my trip.
  • I plan out every single outfit and it’s combinations. I try to bring the least amount of stuff on my trips as possible. This is necessary for me because I hate forgetting things and leaving things behind so if I plan everything out completely beforehand, then I have less of a chance of leaving something behind.
  • I make my airplane playlist. For any flight, I make a playlist for myself to listen to for hours upon hours on those flights.  And usually, I’ll make two playlists. One just for the flights and one for walking around a city.
  • I google the how to get from the airport off to where I am staying. It is one of the few things that I want to plan out and make sure I’m at least prepared for.

These are necessary things for me to do before I start a trip otherwise it throws me off my routine.

Do you have anything you do specifically before you travel?



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