Day Dreaming

Most people don’t know this about me but I daydream. A lot. In fact, I replay scenarios in my head on repeat all day until something new replaces that situation. I daydream about things that could be or things that happened and how I wish I could have changed my response. Recently I’ve found myself day dreaming about what if situations. What if I had stayed in Seattle? What if I never took risks? What if I didn’t discover my love of traveling. 
I’ve found myself daydreaming about my future trips and what I think they’re going to be like. It’s actually very interesting because this will be yet another set of countries I travel to by myself and when I am wandering aimlessly alone, I find myself daydreaming even more. 
Through all this daydreaming I have realized that I’ve slowly started separating myself from reality. To the extent that I’m allowing my imagination to run away from me and I find myself more interested in the what ifs. The where would I be if I just stayed in another country. What would I do? Would I be okay with that experience and being so far away from those that I love. 
At the beginning of 2016, I had very similar thoughts and ended up leaving my home for browner pastures. Yes. LA is significantly more brown than Seattle. Now that the year is coming to a close, I wonder whether my next day dream will be my next move…


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