Why I travel

Last year I went to 15 countries (13 new ones) and 3 continents in 8 months. I always loved traveling but I never really knew just how much I loved it until after I did my first round of solo travel.  Since 2016 started, travel has been a second priority for me. I moved to a new city, started a new job and had to create a whole new life in a brand new place. Finding time to travel and actually having enough vacation time to do it at my new company was not realistic so I stopped purchasing plane tickets and just focused on my life. I had the chance to see some new places and head to Mexico for 24 hours but it was all for work. There’s something very different about traveling for fun verses traveling for work and those trips just never really satisfied the need to plan my own trips.

I finally booked my international vacation of the year and just the thrill of purchasing the plane ticket was enough to reignite my love of travel. The excitement and curiosity that comes with figuring out the right flight path to allow me to see as much as possible in a short period of time was enough to remind me that the time and effort I spend on this stuff is what makes me happiest right now. Over the last few weeks, things in my every day life have been challenging and today I spent sometime searching things to see in the cities that I will be visiting.

During this time, all the challenges in my life and the things that have been bothering me disappeared for a few hours.  All I was focused on was the trip ahead and how excited I was to go wandering and see new things. And that was when I realized that traveling is my escape from everything that makes me sad or unhappy. It is what gives me confidence in myself and being okay with being me. I remember sitting in Budapest by myself looking over the city and feeling at peace with who I was and the fact that I didn’t have anyone to share it with. I was okay with being by myself and whatever the future would hold for me with or without another person. I was okay with where my future would take me and what experiences I would have. I feel like I lost that part of me recently and looking at things to do for my upcoming trip, it reminded me that travel is what brings me back to myself. It is what reminds me of who I am and what I want to focus on.

I hope that I never lose sight of who I am and being okay with what my future has in store for me. But knowing that traveling is one of the few things that can bring me back to that state and remind me of who I am is highly comforting.

I travel to see the world.
I travel to experience what the world has to offer.
I travel because there is so much beauty and wonder in this world that I do not want to miss out on it.
I travel because it gives me the opportunity to understand other cultures and what defines people.
I travel because there are parts of this world that will change and this is an opportunity to see how it is today.
I travel because it reminds me of who I am and what I want to be.
I travel because it is an escape from reality where I can be grounded again.
I travel to be a part of the world.

Why do you travel?


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