Interlaken continued

The next morning we headed out to the city to check out what it had to offer. Since we were basically at the end of our trip and broke, we stopped by a local grocery store and picked up some cheese, bread and meat to sustain us for the days. We even bought a jar of Nutella to split between all of us for the breakfast portion of the days. We then boarded the train to head out to one of the lakes surrounding the town.  We enjoyed some grassy beach time looking at the water with the beautiful Swiss Alps watching over us and reflecting off of the lake. We spent a few hour there just taking in the scenery and what the lake had to offer.  One of my friends decided to jump in the water but it was freezing and he only went about knee deep into the lake before deciding it was a bad idea.

After our few hours there, we headed back into the town and explored.  We stopped at a local casino to gamble away the few Swiss Francs we had in excess and then went over to a local gelato place and picked up some gelato to eat. There’s a field in the middle of Interlaken where people will land from sky diving.  It’s actually a pretty cool sight to see all these parachutes coming out of the air with the backdrop of the mountains and trees as they land in the middle of this town.   We ate our gelato and watched the sky divers return to Earth and when we finally had enough, we headed back to our hostel. We were staying at a hostel on the edge of the town, almost the very last place that you could be without climbing in the mountains.  This hostel had a beautiful garden that had chairs you could relax in and they had the most adorable St. Bernard.  I don’t know his name but he was just the sweetest dog I have ever seen.

Remember that harmonica that my friend played through the gardens of Versailles? We were sitting in the gardens of our hostel enjoying the scenery and playing cards when my friend decided it was time to bust out the harmonica and start playing some tunes. Apparently the dog loved music because he came over with his slow saunter of a walk and started howling and barking along with my friend.  At first, we thought he was angry but when we stopped the music he just stared at us like we were crazy for stopping.  It was by far one of the most adorable things I have seen.

When we finally had enough of that, we decided it was time to go back into our room and relax.  We had to travel to Zurich the next day as our last night in Europe before heading back to the States.

As we hung out in our room enjoying our last night in Interlaken, we heard a loud noise.  A rather a string of loud noises.  As we looked outside, there was what I can only describe as a cow parade.  It was a group of cows and bulls walking down the main road by our hostel being led by people in lederhosen. I don’t know why it was happening or what it was for but it definitely brought a smile to my face.


It was the perfect ending to our adventures in Switzerland.  The next day we made our way to Zurich…


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