Interlaken, Switzerland

We left the next morning on the train for Interlaken, Switzerland. Remember when I said that I’m terrible at planning when I travel?  This may have been the start of that habit. We knew we wanted to go to Interlaken because it is the outdoor capital of Europe and it is a tiny little town sandwiched between two lakes in Switzerland surrounded by the Swiss Alps.  How can you not want to go hang out there?

We decided to go to Interlaken because it was the outdoor capital of Europe.  But remember when I mentioned that we were broke/poor college students?  Yup. Why would we go to the outdoor capital of Europe with no money?  I do not know.  But we went anyway and could not enjoy the wonders that the city had to offer. Regardless, we went and watched other people enjoy themselves.

We arrived at our hostel in Interlaken and settled into our room before adventuring out into the city.  For the first night we decided to head to a local bar and eat dinner.  That’s where we discovered hard cider and a specific one that shared the same name as of my friends.  We ate burgers and hung out with a bunch of other tourists staying at the hostels around Interlaken.  We were able to listen to their stories of what they had done and what they were going to do while they were in town. Based off our conversations with the people we met, we knew where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do while we were in town and we came up with our Interlaken plan.



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