Versailles, France

On our last full day in France, we decided to head to Versailles to see the Palace and enjoy the gardens. Lucky for us, the day that we decided to head to Versailles was the day that the Queen of England decided to hang out at the Palace so we didn’t actually get to go into the Palace since it was on super high security. Instead we stopped by Marie Antoinette’s house and wandered through the gardens. Even without going to the Palace, this place is worth the visit.  Walking through the gardens may have been one of the most peaceful things I’ve done while traveling. It was even better because I was with a bunch of my closest friends and they had brought a harmonica so as we walked through the gardens, we had some …mildly okay harmonica music playing.

After walking through the gardens, we made our way to a local crepe shop. I have always wanted to eat a true French crepe and we found this adorable local shop nearby the train station.  We decided to stop in and get do our lunch meal there.  I have to say that this was also the most expensive crepe I have ever purchased in my entire life, but unlike the McDonald’s excursion, it was worth every EURO that I spent on the crepe. These were the largest crepes that I have ever seen and very filling.  I am personally not a fan of savory crepes, there’s something about them that requires sweetness for me.  So I opted for a chocolate crepe filled to the brim with fruits and whipped creme. We each ordered our crepes and enjoyed our last full meal in France before we made our way to Switzerland the next morning.


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