Journey to Paris, France

Once we completed our time in Rome, it meant that it was time for the class the end and we would all go our separate ways.  Many of my classmates had chosen to travel prior to the class and were heading back to Seattle but I had to work leading up to the trip because I was trying to make as much money as possible prior to my trip since I was a poor college student. After our class was over, we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.  Most people to Seattle and a select group of us headed to Paris.

You see, back in freshmen year of college, there was an exchange student that a few of us had befriended in our residence hall and he had moved back to Paris.  So we decided to go and visit him.  We said our goodbyes to our classmates the night before and woke up around 4AM to head to the Rome airport where we boarded a Ryan Air flight to Paris. I have to say that this was my one and only flight ever on Ryan Air and I have been discouraged from flying them ever since.  That being said, please remember that this was years ago and that I have heard they have greatly improved since my terrible experience.

We arrived at the airport and paid all the extra fees that we were stupidly unaware of prior to getting to the airport.  One of the things about Ryan Air is that they have super cheap flights.  Like insanely cheap where it doesn’t even make sense how it is possible to fly anywhere for that cheap.  However, there are no perks to flying at that price. You will pay for everything and be treated like cattle. You pay for checked bags (yes everyone does that, but sometimes you get free checked luggage for international flights.  Not so much with Ryan Air). You will also pay for any additional weight on your carry on luggage. If you have exceeded weight on your carry on luggage, you will have to re-allocate weight and pay a fee.  It’s similar to Spirit Airlines, no frills just fees.  But if you know how to pack and you get everything printed ahead of time, you’re golden.

After getting through security and waiting for our flight, it was finally time to board the airplane.  First the let the people who paid more money get on the bus since Ryan Air has cheap flights, they don’t pay to be parked at the terminal so you hop on a bus to get on the plane. Then the people who paid less get on the bus.  It seemed…Counter productive to be honest.  You pay to get on the bus first but then you’re the last one off the bus to get onto the airplane.  Maybe you get a seat on the bus, but then you get a terrible seat on the airplane.  Anyway, we boarded the bus and then made a mad dash for the aircraft. I remember this activity so vividly because I had hoards of people pushing me up the air stairs as I tried to get onto the aircraft.  I don’t know if it was fear that you wouldn’t get a seat or what but it was terrifying.  My friends and I managed to get our seats together and we began our journey to Paris.


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