Rome, Italy Adventures continued

The rest of our time in Rome was spent wandering and checking out the churches and what the city had to offer.  We were given the opportunity to really get to know the city and see the wonders of the city itself. Each day after class we would walk over to the Pantheon and hang out in the piazza in front of it.  It was actually a very interesting piazza because there were so many people there and the perfect location for people watching.  After we enjoyed some food and wine, we would walk over to Giolotti’s which was a gelato place that our professor introduced us to. I would 100% recommend stopping by there if you are in Rome.  There are full counters of gelato flavors, probably around 30-40 flavors that wrap around the main part of the restaurant.  Each night we were there, we would stop by and try different flavors.  It’s a really great quality gelato place and close to a lot of the major fountains and buildings.

Each night we would try out different restaurants and stuff our faces full of pizza or pasta and then continue our regular routine. As awesome as that was, there was one major restaurant that still stands out in my mind and surprisingly enough, it wasn’t Italian.  One of our professors had studied near where we were staying and he introduced one of my classmates to a Chinese restaurant.  He knew the owners and when we went there with him we wouldn’t order from a menu.  Instead we would tell the owners that we wanted to pay 10 EURO per person and then let them choose what they wanted to bring us for dinner. We enjoyed about 16 plates of food that night filled with great conversation.  It was even better because the owners recognized my classmate and knew that he had been there for dinner every night the entire week we were in Rome. After dinner the owners enjoyed us so much that they brought out Grapa for us to drink and gave the girls gifts to take home.

That’s one of the things that really stuck out in my mind.  The fact that we had met these locals days earlier and they were so kind hearted and generous with us.  It’s one thing that I’ve loved about all the places I have traveled and that was probably the first time I have experienced it.  It may not be the Chinese food that stood out in my mind but rather the generosity of the owners.

Overall Rome was amazing and full of beauty and history.  Wandering there for a week was not enough time to spend in the city to full see what it had to offer.  We did the Roman ruins, the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, the Vatican and so much more.  A week was just the perfect amount of time to scratch the surface but I would definitely recommend a lot longer for anyone who has the time.

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Rome, Italy

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