Rome, Italy

When we were done with our weekend in Cinque Terre, we got back on the train and headed into Rome where we met up with the rest of the class.  We found our way to our adorable hotel right around the corner from Piazza Navona. We settled into our rooms which were about three to four people per room and then got ready to meet up with the class for dinner.  Our professor had actually done his studies in Rome so he knew all the good places to eat.  We went to a restaurant where all 30 of us packed into the back room of the restaurant and enjoyed a meal of pasta, cheese, meat, wine, bread and great conversation.

After that, we headed back to our rooms to get ready for the week.  Each day started the same way, a group of us would wake up early and wander to a local cafe to grab a chocolate croissant and a cappuccino. One thing to note about the cafes in Italy is that it is cheaper to order at the bar and not from a table.  If you plan on eating at a table, you will be charged more.  In addition, the prices will change dependent on how the person serving you feels.  We started out paying a solid 2 EUROS for our cappucinos and as the days went on, we eventually got down to a solid 1 EURO for a coffee at this place.  We never sat down, we just walked in, ordered at the bar, drank our beverages and wandered back to the hotel.  The owner of this cafe seemed to find the little group of us entertaining so he started giving us discounts.

Each day we checked out different fountains, churches and museums around the city. Rome is an amazing place and full of history that is definitely worth checking out.  Spending the week there we did spent the mornings and early afternoons wandering the city as a class to see what the city had to offer but our evenings were left for us.  We were given the opportunity to check out what the city had in terms of night life and other random activities.

The first evening we spent the night wandering the streets to see what the night life might have. We walked over to the Spanish Steps, checked out some of the Roman ruins in the heart of the city (which at the time was an art display full of lights and stray cats, shown below in the day time without the art display), and stopped at the Trevi Fountain.


The thing about Rome is that it is so lively and full of hustle and bustle all night long.  Back in Florence, the bars were open and you would see people wandering the city throughout the night but it was nothing compared to Rome.  Rome seemed to be a place that never slept and was always full of life and excitement. The city is just as beautiful at night as it is in the day.  I would say it was a great introduction and start to our week in Rome.


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