Venice, Italy

We woke up early on a Saturday morning and hiked over to the train station.  Luckily, we weren’t too far from the train station so it was a quick hike over to the train.  We boarded the train as a class (because none of us wanted to hang out in Florence alone) and we began our three hour journey to Venice. We arrived in Venice and began wandering around the city. While we were there, we wandered along the canals and checked out the beautiful buildings.  Two things that are amazing about Venice are the glass items that you can check out all around the entire city and the masquerade masks.  There is something so wonderful and intricate about their decorations and the items that are made in Venice.

We stopped in a few stores, stopped in a few restaurants and checked out the main piazzas there.  It was actually kind of crazy because they were setting up for an Elton John concert while we were there.  We were missing Elton John by just a day in an awesome Venice piazza.  We also checked out the beautiful history and architecture in the city.  It was interesting to see where the flood line was back in the day when the city was under water. People have said that this city smells funny and it is the city of trash. But honestly, it was beautiful and I only have fond memories of wandering.

We only spent about 6 hours in the city before we had to head back to Florence.  But it was a wonderful six hours there.



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